Introducing Marquam Agency

So long, Marquam Auction Agency. 

NO, not like that! We’re not going away. We simply dropped “auction” from our name. Why would we do such a crazy thing? Simple: We’ve been innovating fundraising and events (not just auctions) and now provide a host of new services, so “auction” doesn’t encompass them all. 

Never fear. We still deliver the same exceptional benefit auctions + auctioneers, fundraising events, revenue outcomes + customer experience you’ve enjoyed for years. AND we’ve innovated even more services + solutions to raise the fundraising bar for YOU!

Strategy + Consultation

How did your last event do? What about the one two years ago? Five years ago? We’ll carefully pore over all the data from your previous events and combine it with our experience, best practice and insider industry knowledge. The result? A brand-spanking-new event strategy, tailored especially for your org. Our expert strategy + consultation is certain to fortify your event based fundraising!

Event Talent + Auctioneers  

Our event talent is professional, effective and FUN! We never lean on well-meaning volunteers in these critical roles. ALL our benefit auctioneers are members of the National Auction Association, graduates of auction colleges and hold current designations as Benefit Auction Specialists (fewer than 1% of the world’s auctioneers have earned this, specifying charity fundraising as their specialty). 

ALL of our emcees and event hosts are poised on stage and do their homework (we will NEVER simply show up event night and read the script cold). We are STILL event architects, fundraising consultants, and revenue + campaign strategists. And we still provide you with experienced professional event clerks + bid assistants to further support your fundraising event experiences. We believe YOUR success is OUR success!

Registration Support 

For years, our clients have been asking us if we offer registration services. And for years, it pained us to say, No, sorry, we don’t. Now we have a better answer: YES! We’re now thrilled to cover ALL of your registration support needs. Eliminate registration pain from start to finish and improve the experience for everyone. Reach out!

Fundraising Campaigns

Need help strategizing your next Peer-to-Peer Fundraising Campaign? How about your annual fundraising campaigns (Giving Tuesday or EOY)? We’ll dig into data and analyze historical outcomes to determine how best to maximize giving this year. 


Both visual and narrated stories hook donors emotionally and are key to elevating fundraising outcomes. Powerful stories about the people/places/animals/causes you advocate for are not just informative. When done well, storytelling serves as a direct call-to-action and moves donors to act. Let us birth your event night script and we’ll bring your mission to life. Let us craft powerful videos for your events, your campaigns, your social channels. We can design and finalize your PowerPoint decks, too! 


Fact: If you leave marketing to chance, you will not raise as much money or spread the word about your good work effectively. So DON’T LEAVE MARKETING TO CHANCE! Fundraising and marketing are not only closely related, they’re constantly evolving. So what worked well for you last year (or pre-pandemic) definitely needs updating – even if it’s minor. Innovation is one of our brand strategies, and our world-class marketing team is always boning up on the latest and greatest trends in the industry. Allow us to take the reins of your marketing campaigns. And experience the difference this makes in your outcomes.

Studio + Streaming 

Add a virtual or hybrid component to any in-person event and amplify your reach and message. We have a professional studio and all the bells and whistles needed to make broadcast magic – livestreaming, audio engineering, custom graphic production, webinar, vlog + podcast recording. Our studio + streaming services open the door for your creativity. Pitch us your best out-of-the-box idea. We’ll make it happen!

Hi, we’re Marquam Agency. Pleasure to meet you! Some of you we already know; many we’ve known for years. The rest of you are just friends and partners we haven’t yet met! You’re in the nonprofit industry so we KNOW you’re good humans. We have endless and eternal respect and admiration for you. Join us.

Reach out! Let’s change the world together and have a GREAT time doing it.