The Big Five: Philanthropists

The Big Five Types of Spenders at Fundraisers – PHILANTHROPISTS

We’re going to give you a general overview of the main types of donors who attend fundraising events. Of course, not all bidders fall into these categories; some fall into several! Today let’s take a look at the valuable group known as philanthropists – by definition, someone who makes an active effort to promote human welfare. 

Appreciate them. They appreciate you!

Philanthropists are at your event because they love what you do and are inspired by what you do. They’re not necessarily interested in acquiring things, nor are they there for the games or the food. They’re there because they believe in you and your mission and they appreciate the impact you’re making. Investing in your mission is a major motivator for philanthropists. So think of them as investors!  They desire to invest in their communities through you and the work you do. You need to be able to demonstrate your impact. How, you ask?

Move Them

One word – storytelling. Appeal to the philanthropists by telling a great story demonstrating your impact. Be able to SHOW your impact clearly. Don’t just talk about what you intend to do with their donation. Be ready to demonstrate why it’s a good investment for them. Make sure they know your org’s story in depth, through the lenses of the people you’ve helped. Well-told stories move your philanthropists, who are already actively looking to channel their resources into making their communities – and the world – BETTER. The very reason we’re all here, right?

Cultivate and Grow Relationships 

Consequently, these are the folks you really want to develop close relationships with – not just because of their spending power, but because of their desire to make a difference and help you do the great work that you do. You have the greatest opportunity to strengthen commitment to your cause through the philanthropists who support you. Don’t miss out on those opportunities by letting these relationships lapse! Ask for their feedback. Show your appreciation.

Want more tips on how to appeal to the philanthropists in the room? We’ve got ‘em – reach out! Next week – tips on how to appeal to competitive bidders.