Sign, Sign, Everywhere a Sign

Map the Way to Fundraising Success!


Big beautiful signs are a must-have at fundraising events. They keep guests in the know and help direct them to where they need to be – which is close to the fundraising action!

Great Signage = Positive Guest Experience

Think of signs as another informational tool (along with verbal announcements from your Benefit Auctioneer and guidance from volunteers and staff) to help guests find what they’re looking for, whether it’s check-in, revenue streams, bars, tables, check-out – and perhaps most important – where the restrooms are! (No joke – it’s one of the most frequently-asked questions at events!)

Without large, clear signs, you run the risk of guests feeling confused, frustrated and angry – the complete opposite of what you want at a live event!

No doubt you know the venue and the run-of-show well, but put yourself in your guests’ shoes. Imagine you know nothing about the venue, room, the night, the activities, the entertainment. Then ask yourself what you need to know to get the most out of the night. This will help put you in the right mindset to guide your guests through the entire event.

Where Do Signs Go?


You need big, bold signs leading the way to the venue’s entrance and at the door directing people towards check-in. If the registration table isn’t close to the entrance, or it’s on another floor, signs (and helpful volunteers!) become even more essential.

Silent + Online Auction Displays

Bold signs leading folks to your silent or online auction display are a must. If you’re offering a silent auction raffle or incentive, that’s vital info to include on signs. We also recommend posting the closing times on signs, so folks know how much time they have to check and see if they’ve been outbid.

Games + Raffles

Post the rules and other salient facts for all revenue streams and activities on signs. How much are raffle tickets? Where can I purchase them? What’s the prize? When will the winner be drawn? 

Pro tip: be sure guests know who’s selling raffle tickets. Make your salespeople visible by adorning them with colorful clothing, hats, light-up bling and other visible flair. You’ve seen salespeople with huge balloons attached to their clipboards? Just like your signs, you want your salespeople to be highly visible.

Wine Wall

There are as many ways to conduct a wine wall as there are bottles to sell –  which is why it’s a good idea to list the rules, prices and sales details on gorgeous signs placed near your wine wall. Are there any high-value or specialty bottles, or surprise prizes? Indicate that on your signage, in addition to highlighting the price per bottle, spin or pull.


Other Revenue Streams

There really isn’t a revenue stream that isn’t enhanced by signs stating rules, details and descriptions. For example, if you have a table full of mystery boxes for sale, indicate the cost AND the possibilities of what could be in there!

Again, pretend you’re a guest at your event and you don’t know anything about it. You walk in – what do you immediately want to know? Where’s the silent auction? Where’s the bar? Who’s selling raffle tickets, and what might I win if I buy one? What time is dinner? WHERE will we eat dinner? Every potential question you (as a pseudo guest) can think of should be answered with big beautiful signs!

Get Vertical

Placing signs on easels or on tables is okay. But you can do better. The mood lighting often seen at events isn’t always the best reading light. Plus, if you place your signs on easels or on tables, they’re likely to be blocked by other guests when the venue starts to fill up. The signs could get knocked down and stepped on. Avoid this by getting vertical! Hang your signs from the ceiling, right above the action, when possible. The added elevation will not only keep them safe, it’ll make them far easier to read and be seen by donors from afar. Win win!

Bigger is Better

When sign-making, keep in mind the room will likely be dim and crowded. Make them large and brightly-colored. The smallest size you should even consider is 18” x 24”. Making them even bigger will ensure your signs get seen AND read! Many of our partners now opt for fully digital signage on monitors or screens around the venue. The benefit of digital signage is you can change it as desired displaying MANY different things throughout your event. And light. People’s eyes follow light and redirect their attention. So doesn’t it make sense to use this to your advantage?

Signs are a tried-and-true method of keeping your guests in the loop at fundraising events. It’s worth your while to budget for some professionally-made signs from a company like FedEx Office (formerly Kinkos) or VistaPrint. Happy Signage!  

For more tips on great signage at your next event, reach out for a complimentary consultation.