Savvy Software Streamlines Fundraising Events!

Savvy Event Software Streamlines Fundraising!

Planning a fundraising event? Be certain to implement and use functional event software. Not only is it going to be your best friend on event night but it also provides lots of opportunities to get folks involved and improve their overall guest experience. Here are important ways event software can help you before, during AND after your event.


Let Software Handle It

What can software do for you, pre-event? Lots! It can sell tickets. The right software can erase the headaches of building your event-night catalogue. It is an invaluable tool in terms of marketing, and has a longer attention span than we do! We don’t have to tell YOU, planning an event is a ton of work. You have live auction, silent auction, revenue streams, raffles, games, wine wall, etc. Let software help with the tedious, repetitive tasks that must be taken care of pre-event. Bid sheets, for example – would you rather have a human generate 150 bid sheets manually, or would you rather utilize a software program (and best practices) to crank out bid sheets with the click of a button? Save yourself time, energy and tedium. Give a computer anything and everything it can do better and more efficiently than a human! 

Drive Innovation

Bob Dylan said it best – the times they are a-changin. That goes for the fundraising industry as well. Years ago, phenomena like online and mobile bidding simply did not exist. Nowadays, both are becoming more and more popular, and for good reason – when used in a strategic way with the right demographic, they can make you more money! Software that includes online bidding is a fantastic way to get your silent auction, online auction and revenue streams started, before event night, where there are loads of distractions. Another big bonus to online bidding – you can include the folks who can’t physically be there on event night – WINNING! Don’t leave money on the table by eschewing online bidding! As for mobile bidding – that REQUIRES a system. While online and mobile bidding may seem complicated and daunting to you, for your software system they’re certainly not! Not sure which software is right for you? Ask us. We’ll steer you in the right direction.


Nail Check-In + Check-Out

You desire and need guests to arrive at and leave the event with smiles on their faces, right? Not gonna happen if the first thing they see is a big huge line… or if they’re stuck standing in said big huge line at the end of the night, which they will be if you attempt to check everyone out manually. Don’t do it. Many of us have gone to events and spent more than we thought we would – this makes credit cards invaluable! Event software that swipes and stores credit card information paves the way for a fast, efficient and easy check-in and checkout. Another bonus – sometimes people leave without realizing they’ve won an item/package. If you have credit card numbers on file, you can process the next day and simply send them a receipt.

Pro Tip: Things to Ask Your Software Company 

When considering fundraising event software, remember to inquire about performance fees. These are SEPARATE from processing fees. Some companies charge both – some waive performance fees. Thinking about bringing your own credit card processor? There may be a penalty – find out! Finally, some companies take a fee for cash and/or check payment. Find out if the one you’re considering does and if it’s worth it to you to pay them.


Data Analysis

Data is very important to your future success – through your data, you learn what people did and didn’t like, what did and didn’t sell well, who’s buying tickets and who your big spenders are – then you can readjust your focus and redefine revenue strategies with your Benefit Auctioneer Specialist next year. It’s a tedious job – prohibitively tedious, for many – IF you don’t use software. It IS a commitment – you don’t reap the full benefits of until year two or three – but we highly recommend always using it. Your donors will thank you – and your bottom line will too!

Event software is a wise investment in so many ways. We work with some amazing vendors and we have tons of recommendations. Reach out!