Fundraising 2020: The Year EVERYTHING Changed (part two)

 Fundraising 2020: Part 2

100% Comprehensive Fundraising 

One year ago, you might have been in the final planning stages for your Fall 2020 fundraising event. You certainly already had your spring 2021 venue booked and were starting to envision your menu, speakers, entertainment, etc. What a difference a year makes. We won’t be able to gather in person in large groups this fall. We might not even be able to in spring 2021. But enough speculation. What WILL you be able to do to raise money for your great cause? And how can we help? Here’s the good news: We know exactly what you need to plan and execute a successful Live Virtual Gala (VG). Here’s the FANTASTIC news: We can provide it all!1. Live Stream Team Tech Solution

1. Live Stream Team Tech Solution

Did you know? We have our very own in-house livestream studio equipped with everything you need to pull off your successful virtual event. It’s ALL in-house – we’re literally a one-stop shop! We can livestream your event across multiple platforms – Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, you name it, we can do it! We have all the bells and whistles you’ve seen on broadcast news. How do you want to use this technology? What can you creatively come up with? What can we all come up with, collectively? At the risk of sounding clichéd, the ball is in your court. So have a ball with it! Let’s make your event unique, mission-specific, memorable AND entertaining. Original music from a world-renowned composer? Check. Beautifully-produced full-screen graphics, including fun, creative motion graphics? Check. What other sort of visuals and/or sound effects have you seen or heard that you like? We can customize them to align with your org’s brand and your unique event. You and your fans will never get bored with your LVG – in fact, they’ll want to watch it over and over again, like a favorite movie.

2. Mobile Bidding Software

Mobile bidding software was gaining in popularity pre-Covid. It’s convenient, effective, and nowadays it’s truly a necessity. We have everything you need to register your donors quickly and painlessly, so that they can start bidding. AND bidding again and again and again!

3.  Dynamic Duo – Auctioneer and Emcee

A VG requires a different sort of energy than an in-person event. Higher energy is called for since something is lost in translation through your computer screen. But excessive energy becomes off-putting very fast – no one is comfortable watching someone who’s a bundle of nerves. Our skilled and experienced virtual hosts are masters of this craft. They know how to strike that delicate balance of projecting energetic enthusiasm, without looking like nervous wrecks. Chemistry is key and our Marquam family has that in spades – we’re not just work friends, we’re friends in real life. And we think it shows!

4. ROS/Succinct Script/Catchy Content/Vibrant Visuals

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again. You CANNOT try to recreate your live in-person event virtually – it simply doesn’t translate. Sure, you’ve used the same format for years and it’s worked beautifully every time – in person. But those days are over – at least for the foreseeable future. We’ve always encouraged a succinct script, shorter speeches and powerful but pithy videos. Now, it’s absolutely mandatory. You WILL lose people and you’ll leave money on the virtual table if you don’t adhere to the new rules when planning your VG

5. Data-driven Fundraising Strategies

Here’s ONE thing that hasn’t changed – we learn a lot from each and every event we help plan and execute. That’s always been a part of our model, even pre-pandemic. After the rousing success of our very first VG in mid-March, it was pretty obvious this 

was going to be a thing. So we’ve been carefully tracking results, trends, momentum, what works and what doesn’t. We’ve noted the times whe

n people tend to stop watching; we’ve paid attention to what content we were showing when more people started participating in the live chat. When you partner with us, we share all of this data with you. You have all of the latest and greatest info you need to raise the most money you possibly can. Knowledge ispower!

We DARE you to find a more comprehensive method with which to approach fundraising. We are full-service; we are your one-stop shop. Let us show you – reach out today!