Building Irresistible Silent Auction Packages

If You Build It…Guests will Come. AND Bid!

Now that you’ve managed to procure some great items for your silent auction, whether it’s virtual or in-person, it’s time to think about building irresistible silent auction packages. This is fun! Although we can recommend guidelines: you probably don’t want to have more than 3-5 items in a single package – more than that can be overwhelming, and ultimately lose value. That being said, if it’s a higher-value item, don’t include it in a package where it can get overlooked. If it truly is valuable, it deserves its own number!

We’re going to give you a few examples of packages we’ve seen or built that have been quite successful; see if they get you in the mindset of building your own.

Start with a single centerpiece item

Do you have a gift certificate for a night at a downtown hotel? Combine that with a gift certificate to a nice downtown restaurant, throw in tickets to a show or dance performance, and – voila! – you have a lovely Downtown Date Night package.

Don’t forget about the folks who like to stay in! Do you have a nice bottle of wine (or two), pizza gift certificates or another popular takeout option, and maybe an amazon prime gift card? Then make a “date night in a box” package, so the lucky winners have a night of fun all ready to go!

What about building a Summer Family Fun package? Maybe you could procure 4 passes to a theme park, like Oaks Park or Great Wolf Lodge. Throw in a restaurant gift certificate and another one for ice cream… there’s your Summer Family Fun package!

How about a gift certificate for a dog-walking service and a pet store – throw in a toy/treat or two, a pet portrait session, and there’s a Pamper your Pooch package!

Speaking of pampering, Health/Wellness packages are very popular for the right crowd – who doesn’t like to feel pampered once in a while?! Think gift certificates for spas or salons, candles, lotions, bath bombs, fluffy robes, home mani/pedi kits…anything you can think of to promote relaxation. A beautifully displayed “pamper yourself” package has widespread appeal.

Now, do you feel inspired you to come up with your own superb silent auction packages? Hope so! Good luck, and give us a shout if you need more ideas!