6 Essentials of Effective Special Appeals

Your Moment to Move Donors Arrives – Are You Ready?

Special Appeal Best Practices

What does “best practices” mean to you in relation to the Special Appeal at your fundraising event? To us professional fundraisers, it means exceeding your organization’s fundraising goals through timing, sequencing, program content, dramatic lighting, music, video, visuals and our experience of what works. And what doesn’t.

There are so many elements you can weave into your Special Appeal or Paddle Raise and we Benefit Auctioneer Specialists here at Marquam Auction Agency know the ins and outs of them all. Let us help you help yourself.

The Right Crowd in the Proper Setting

Did you know that having the right donors in the room is far more important to your bottom line than how many guests you have? That’s right, spending the time and energy on donor development goes a long way towards successful fundraising. Other factors that influence giving: the right ambiance, storytelling, seating, room layout, food/beverage options, and successful cocktail hour and registration strategies. Get educated. Ask us. We’re here to help!

Choose the Right Special Appeal Story for Your Donor Base

Identifying one meaningful, mission-driven success story highlighting the impact your organization has on people is imperative for a successful Appeal. It must tug at heartstrings, make folks feel something, and strike a fine balance between stating the need and offering hope. Consider the story you choose very carefully.

Tell One Compelling Story

How do you feel when listening to passionate speeches from people like MLK Jr. or Nelson Mandela, as opposed to less gifted orators? There’s a difference, right? You feel ownership. You feel compelled to believe and agree with them. You feel inspired. This is precisely why the telling of your story is equally as important as the story itself. How long should it be? Does length of story affect giving? What important things should it include? How should it be delivered? These are all very important questions that we hope you ask us!

A Well-Crafted Ask

Let us assist you in crafting the perfectly staged and worded call to action that inspires your donors to great new giving heights. Consider music, lighting, who is on the stage, timing, and capitalizing on momentum.

Collection + Incentive Strategies

A trained benefit auctioneer specialist knows precisely how to milk the most money out of your super-engaged crowd with methods that speed up the collection process and pay homage to your mission, your needs, your goals and what we know of your donors. Unique incentive strategies can also boost certain giving levels of the Appeal, as well as infuse energy and fun into this vital fundraising moment.

Armed with these successful Appeal strategies, we wish you the best of luck in your Special Appeal endeavor. Should you have additional questions, would like to request a consultation or are ready to work with us now, contact us. We can’t wait to work with you on your virtual gala or in-person fundraising needs!