Weave More Mission Moments Into Live Fundraising Events

Bring Your Mission Into The Room

Some of our favorite nonprofit partners deviate from the expected at charity events by taking traditional games and common revenue streams and adapting them to be mission-specific. Updating frequently used revenue activities infuses events with a unique flavor all their own, which appeals to the guests in attendance for many reasons.

  1. Being mission-specific ties what you do with the revenue activities being offered – teaching your guests how you add value and impact your community.
  2. It reminds donors why we are all there.
  3. It feels fresh and exciting to your donors, who have not yet seen this game played.
  4. It engages donors, volunteers and staff with a lower end revenue stream that most everyone can afford.
  5. It is way more fun and memorable!

Our partner, Store to Door (S2D), recently did just this with amazing success. They took the common icebreaker game of Heads & Tails (H&T) and made it uniquely their own. H&T is commonly played by simply flipping a coin. Players purchase chances to participate. They then place their hands either on their heads or on their ‘tails.’ If their hands are on the correct body part as determined by the flip of the coin, they stay in the game. If not, they lose one chance until they’re out of chances. The last person standing wins!

Understand that Store to Door is a nonprofit serving seniors and adults with disabilities. S2D takes weekly orders from their clients for many of their everyday needs (groceries, prescriptions, etc.), then does all their shopping and delivers the goods right to their clients’ homes – enabling them to live independently for longer – having all the items they need on hand.

S2D updated their game by introducing the element of shopping (their primary service) into it and renaming it “The Price is Right” – referring of course to the old TV game show. Instead of a coin flip, however, S2D displays PowerPoint slides of commonly purchased items with fictitious prices. If contestants believe the actual price is higher than the fictitious price, they place their hands on their heads. If they believe the actual price is lower than the fictitious price, they place their hands on their tails and the game proceeds as usual until there’s a winner.

Voila! Here we have a fantastic new twist on a tried-and-true revenue generating game. It still offers the same classic benefits of H&T: it’s an ice-breaker, it’s affordable for almost everyone, it’s fun AND revenue-producing!  The updated rules also tie in beautifully with S2D’s mission, while providing an opportunity for guests to learn more about what they do and why it’s so vitally important to clients. Win win!

We can think of so many ways to weave your org’s mission into every aspect of your fundraising efforts including fun and lucrative games. Give us a shout. We can help!

Congratulations to Store to Door for their epic win in mission-i-zing (yes, it’s a new Marquam word. Remember it.) their revenue-generating game. Awesome job, friends. Here’s to changing the world – together – one auction at a time!

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