Get Social! The Ins+Outs of Social Media – Part 1

DO Social Media!

Savvy nonprofits already enjoy and love the many benefits of a strong social media presence. Utilizing hugely popular platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and Twitter, organizations can realize meaningful impact through education, spreading awareness, increasing outreach and celebrating successes. Most importantly, engagement and interaction with your peeps results in more overall support. If you’re not already, start ‘doing’ social media right!

Why Use Social Media?

It costs you nothing yet exposes you to the entire online world. Spread the word about your mission and your “why” – while educating folks and increasing brand awareness. Our question to you is why wouldn’t you?

A Word on Facebook

You’ll likely want to begin with Facebook. 81% of American adults have a Facebook account. Of that 81%, 70% of those people visit Facebook DAILY. That is staggering potential reach. Harness it.

Lightning-Fast Growing Instagram

Instagram now boasts around a billion monthly active users – 500 million DAILY. Reach them with your unique message.

YouTube – More than Just the 2nd-Largest Search Engine

More than one BILLION users harness the power that is YouTube each month, viewing more than 5 BILLION videos every day. If you have amazing video content, this is where it must live.

Increase Millennial Reach with Twitter

A quarter of Americans now use Twitter, generating hundreds of millions of tweets per day. Their most popular demographic is the 29-and-under crowd. This just may be the most efficient way to entice a new generation of supporters to your cause.

Calendar Drives Strategy

Start at the beginning. Before executing anything, devise a strategic plan and a “Social Calendar” to help springboard your grand plan into action. Determine what you will post, when you will post it, how often you’ll post and what supplemental content will comprise each post. Choose the right person to execute the plan.

The Right Person For the Job…

…is social media and tech-savvy, a competent researcher, a succinct writer, concise editor, disciplined, an independent worker, schedule-oriented and a clear communicator.

…has a compelling written voice, experience designing social posts and utilizing graphics, keywords and hashtags, adequate time to perform job functions and realistic expectations of time and budget constraints.

…selects images and/or video content to accompany posts. They must also stay abreast of social trends so as to course-correct and manage your plan as required for optimal results.

Become Data Driven

Check the numbers. Every time. Are certain posts performing better than others with your followers? Determine what works for your audience and do more of that. Continually refine your content to solicit more engagement.

Harness Your Network

Ask friends, family, staff, volunteers, acquaintances and whoever else you can wrangle into submission to like, follow, or subscribe to your various medias. Solicit as many people as you can organically. Encourage everyone to interact with your posts – share, react, like, etc. Grow. Grow. Grow!

Consider sponsored reach to grow your base of followers more quickly. It can be worth the investment.

Now What?

Keep on posting and following the master plan. We’ll keep on sharing the secrets of how our clients succeed with social. All you have to do is keep on reading!

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