The Big Five: Gamblers

The BIG FIVE Types of Spenders at Fundraisers – GAMBLERS!

We hope you read our blog regularly. We’re in the midst of a general overview of the five main types of supporters who attend fundraising events. Of course, we can’t paint ALL donors with the same brush. Some fall into more than one category and others don’t fall into any of them! But for now, read on for more on how to appeal to the gamblers in the room.

Provide an opportunity for the gamblers to WIN!

Raffles are good. Rapid raffles are great for the gambling crowd! With a rapid raffle, raffle tickets are attached to each guests’ bid card or event packet before check-in. Write corresponding bid numbers on those tickets, as well as the cost to enter the raffle. Your auctioneer invites guests to drop their raffle tickets into collection baskets, with the understanding that each ticket they drop is buying them a chance to win the grand prize. Check out our Ready to Play? blog for more details on rapid raffles. This type of raffle, and raffle baskets, perform better at smaller events – ones with 200 people or fewer. Golden Tickets are likely to get your gamblers’ motors running. However, our data suggests Golden Ticket raffles sell out easier in a larger event – with 300+ folks in the crowd. The game of Heads & Tails is likely affordable for almost everyone in your crowd, and it’s also a lot of fun – especially for folks who live for the element of chance.

Games of Chance

There are so many games designed for gamblers! Try a Mystery Box – where you take a gift card or some other smallish item that you’ve procured and place it in a box. Wrap the boxes up attractively and have your salespeople sell them during the cocktail hour. Balloon pops are fun, too – you write a prize on a scrap of paper and place the scrap inside a – you guessed it – balloon! Guests then buy the balloons, pop them and claim the prize inside. This one is a real crowd pleaser! Any game with the element of chance is going to appeal to the gamblers in the room. For many, it’s exhilarating to think of what you might walk away with after making a relatively small donation. Even more so for gamblers! We have an extensive library of games designed for this group – reach out and we’ll share them with you.

Winning Wine Walls

You may want to pay special attention to your wine wall if you know you have a lot of gamblers present. Gamblers are drawn to them – the chance of getting that $180 dollar bottle, when you’ve only thrown down about $25 – is irresistible to many of us, but especially to gamblers! You know that feeling you get as you’re scratching a lottery ticket? Maybe, just MAYBE, this is THE ONE!? Wine walls have a similar sort of appeal. You can’t lose – but you could win and you could win big! Want to learn more about the wonderful world of wine walls?

An important note before we wrap – don’t make any decisions regarding games of chance before you carefully review your state’s laws and guidelines. We’re happy to hold your hand during this process if you need it. Reach out!