Get to know Sage Krening, Event Videographer with Marquam Auction Agency. Video production and filmmaking piqued Sage’s interest at a very young age – he was just a middle schooler when he picked up a camera and thought, ​this​ feels right!

Sage graduated from Portland State University with a degree in film. He has shot many events for us over the years and feels Marquam events are special. The energy and enthusiasm the benefit auctioneers bring to shows is unparalleled and the audience responds in kind – laughing, cheering, clapping, encouraging their fellow guests to throw up those bid cards up just ​one​ more time! As a filmmaker, it’s a riot to be a part of that exuberant environment and also challenging to convey that feeling in the room to folks watching his videos of the evening..

A true artist, Sage also draws, writes, enjoys graphic design and music. But filmmaking is his passion. He’s worked on a number of film sets – most recently, a Nicholas Cage film, ​Pig​. He also worked on seasons seven and eight of ​Portlandia​. Next time you see Sage at an event, tell him what your favorite episode is – he may very well have had a hand in creating it and can share some behind-the-scenes stories!