Get to know Michael Faith, Strategist + Auctioneer.

Michael Faith has passionately supported nonprofit organizations for more than twenty years. He finds fundraising for nonprofits remarkably rewarding and strongly believes the more money he can raise for them, the more good they can do. A donor development expert, Michael is well-versed in all aspects of fundraising, having held several nonprofit management positions from charity event planner to executive director. He’s an invaluable resource to organizations before and after events!

Michael is a graduate of the World Wide College of Auctioneering, a member of the National Auction Association and a Benefit Auction Specialist. He also holds a master’s degree in social work and is a published author.

Michael Faith

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Meet Michael Faith

I first felt the need for change in the spring of 2016. After spending nearly 16 years working with nonprofits, I was ready for something new. I didn’t know what exactly but I knew I wanted more fun and joy in my life.

People often ask, “How in the heck did you become an auctioneer?” It’s pretty simple, really. Part of my duties as Executive Director at a local nonprofit involved planning our annual gala. In working with different auctioneers, something stood out – they seemed to always be having so much fun! I decided I wanted to be a part of that and thus began my career change.

I attended the World Wide College of Auctioneering in the fall of 2016 and loved it! In December 2016 I attended the Benefit Auctioneer Specialist training and in the spring of 2017 I earned my BAS designation (less than 1% of auctioneers in North America have it). Misty Marquam has mentored me since then and in addition to benefit auctioneering, I now serve as the Direction of Operations for Marquam Auction Agency, helping our other team members craft amazing events for our partners.

I have a passion for nonprofits. I love being able to channel my background in fundraising into the work I do with Marquam clients. When planning events, it’s exciting to be able to look beyond the details to the big picture – how the event fits into an organization’s overall development strategy. I am passionate about helping clients build, grow and tailor their events to wow their supporters, deepen their relationships and make more money. I’m committed to keeping our clients focused on the long term by implementing best practices, setting staff and board members – current and future – up for success.

I’m amazed by the diversity of our nonprofit partners and I get fired up to help them continue their great work. I have a soft spot in my heart for organizations focused on social justice, human rights, the environment and animals. I also love a good school auction!

When I’m not on the clock at Marquam (it happens sometimes), I love being outside. You’ll find me whitewater rafting, hiking, walking my dogs and watching the sunset at one of our amazing parks or the ocean. When I’m not outside I love watching movies, singing karaoke and eating amazing food.

I look forward to meeting you soon, and until then, here’s to doing more good!