Get to know Cambri Williams, Principal Event Clerk and do-gooder extraordinaire with Marquam Auction Agency. Cambri holds a Political Science degree and a certificate in Global Studies from Portland State University, and she’s been volunteering and fundraising since she was ​9 years old! H​ er knack for numbers, heart for people and attention to detail make her the epitome of the perfect event clerk – which is why we snagged her the first moment we could!

Cambri Williams grew up in three different countries – Turkey, Thailand and the U.S. (Montana, Virginia and Oregon). The exposure to different cultures, ideas and languages impressed upon her just how many people in the world are suffering and in need of advocates and allies. As a young girl, she began volunteering with a refugee school in Istanbul, and has been volunteering in various capacities ever since. She’s especially passionate about human rights, refugee issues, and global citizenship. Cambri wholeheartedly supports the “Do Good. Be Good.” spirit that defines MAA!

Cambri lives in Hood River, where she works as an Account Manager in the aerospace industry. She loves spending time outdoors – skiing Mount Hood, paddleboarding the Columbia, hiking the Gorge, and soaking up the sun on nice long walks. While indoors, Cambri studies history and languages. As you might have guessed by her upbringing, she loves to travel – 14 countries and counting! She’s also an avid baker – if you see her at an event, ask her what recipe she’s currently experimenting with! (Just not during the live program, please.)

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