Get to know AnnieM Luthro, Strategist + Auctioneer.

Anne Marie Luthro (AnnieM – like Eminem – to her adoring clients) has a rich history of public performance, spoken word and proven sales strategies.

She’s dynamic, authentic and inherently funny. Harnessing group energy and focusing it on the greater good is AnnieM’s strength and passion.

With undeniable stage presence and a knack for relating to people, AnnieM has that ‘je ne sais quoi’ that binds supporters to their favorite organizations, while raising money to do more good! A World Wide College of Auctioneering grad, a member of the National Auction Association, a Benefit Auction Specialist she keeps programs fun, fast-paced and goal-oriented.

When recreating, one can find AnnieM reveling with fellow music lovers (especially live music!), dancing, singing and loving life. Should you run into her, be sure to ask her to dance!

AnnieM Luthro

Event Host

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