Get to know Angélica Ponce, Maven Bid Assistant and event videographer for Marquam Auction Agency. Angélica began her fundraising journey as a bid assistant a few years back – a great fit for her caring and personable self – and was recently promoted to Maven status (meaning she’s so good that she now helps train all our new-comers!). She’s also a fantastic videographer who works to capture our event footage and edits into great social fodder so folks can feel like they were in attendance at events – even if they weren’t. She has always dreamed of being a part of a team working to change the world for the better – and now she is!

She’s a great fit for Marquam’s diverse crew. Her mom hails from the U.S. and her dad immigrated from Colombia. He left his native country during the height of war and never had a chance to go back. Consequently, Angélica is especially passionate about supporting immigrants and refugee rights. She also loves supporting environmental orgs and has a super soft spot for dogs – her goal is to eventually foster and adopt rescue dogs. Aww.

Angélica’s favorite things in life are travel, singing and music. She adores taking spontaneous road trips and getting lost in new places, with camera in hand. Ask her to share snaps of her latest adventure next time you see her at an event!