Livestream Fundraising 2.0

Livestream Fundraising 2.0

Are you a forward-thinking fundraiser? Want to learn a new innovative method to elevate your next fundraising campaign or strategy? Our latest solution was created to accompany and amplify any existing fundraising campaign. Intrigued? Read on!

Introducing Livestream Fundraising 2.0

Our latest offering, the Go SOCIAL! PaddleRaise is a short, sweet and successful virtual fundraising show. Designed as an engaging live virtual companion piece to enhance an already-in-motion or planned fundraising campaign, these are easy to execute and meant for every nonprofit!

Example: Imagine you have an incredible year end campaign strategized and in the works. Now take that same campaign and add a Go SOCIAL! PaddleRaise companion live stream. Grab donors’ attention. Engage and entertain your supporters. Provide a direct and easy way for them to give – online. The result? More revenue earned and an enhanced giving ‘experience.’

These Livestreams are a LOT less labor-intensive than a virtual gala. They’re also shorter and much less formal. So, craft content accordingly. 

Your Go SOCIAL! PaddleRaise streams directly to your org’s favorite social media platform – wherever you have the greatest following. The stream is intended to be succinct, direct, and less expensive to plan and produce than your virtual gala or in-person event. 

TWO bonuses: 

  • Target different audiences and more people
  • And you need not fear technology. Our team of “techsperts” handle everything!

Inform. Persuade. Call to Action!

What kind of content works best? It’s casual, so content should reflect that. Include informative, impactful, persuasive content highlighting your mission and the work you do. Weave in lightheartedness, entertainment and humor – when appropriate. 

Invite a special org rep –  perhaps your E.D. (or anyone who will effectively share your message), to share the virtual stage with your pro fundraising ambassador. Showcase what you’re up to. Outline major impact. Highlight completed projects. Outline your needs. Tell folks how they can help. Include a clear and direct call to action and provide an EASY method to give and donate.

Describe WHO benefits from your good work and exactly HOW. Outline the specifics of your campaign and HOW supporters can help. Celebrate sponsor success, large matching donations and/or preview awards or upcoming events.

Alternatively, record your special rep in a short video. No need for longer videos or short vignettes. Keep it short, sweet, and succinct.

Entertaining Content

Since this is informal, have some fun! Music ALWAYS translates well in the virtual world. Keep it live or obtain proper licenses to avoid licensing issues, however.

Do any of your supporters/staff/volunteers play an instrument? Invite them to share and perform a song praising your org! Perhaps write outlandish yet mission driven lyrics (Weird Al style).

Spoken word poetry can also be powerful AND memorable. It also encourages active listening, making it perfect for a Go SOCIAL! PaddleRaise. 

Cleveland High School Foundation Warrior Campaign

Every December, Cleveland High School’s Foundation conducts their direct mail end-of-year campaign, soliciting donations via email and postcards. They wanted to net stronger results. So we led them through brainstorming, planning, producing and executing a Go SOCIAL! PaddleRaise. The result was a short, sweet – and super successful livestream! 

Cleveland is lucky to have a living legend in their camp – a beloved staff member who has served their community for 50 years. She stole the show reading a holiday-themed poem laced with school mission language. Check it out for yourself, here. 

Success by the Numbers

Cleveland’s end-of-year campaign raised more than DOUBLE what it did the previous year, with the addition of the Go SOCIAL! PaddleRaise. More than DOUBLE the amplification of their campaign with the help of this golden nugget! 

On average, donors gave more than they did the previous year. Why? Because they were engaged, entertained and we ASKED them to!

Remember that expanded reach mentioned earlier – how this solution helps you reach diverse audiences and more people? It certainly did for the Warrior Campaign. 51 brand new donors contributed during the paddle raise. 

That’s fantastic news for CHSF, but it gets even better! Our data proves the Go SOCIAL! PaddleRaise entices folks to become recurring monthly donors. During the stream, Cleveland saw an 18% lift in the number of monthly recurring donations. Donors were so moved by this show, they agreed to sign up for a monthly commitment on the spot. Treat YOUR org to this gift that keeps on giving!

Ready to Learn More? 

So what do you think? Is this a good fit for you and your future fundraising campaigns? You won’t find a better online fundraising ROI. You’ll be pleasantly surprised when you see just how much money your show nets. Want to learn more about a Go SOCIAL! PaddleRaise? Peruse the website and check it out!

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