GET SOCIAL! The Ins+Outs Of Social Media – Part 2

Creating + Posting Social Media Content

What to Post

What to post is the single most asked question in the social media puzzle. What indeed.

What inspires people to read and interact with posts? What compels folks to action? What makes someone feel something? Or entices them to your side? Consider these things carefully. Then consider this – all organizations need to communicate similar messages to their fan bases.

Create content that satisfies one or more of the following:

      1. Educate – teach readers who you are, what you do, why you’re different
      2. Entertain – make readers feel something: amused, sad, grateful, enraged…
      3. Celebrate Success – tell stories about goals reached, awards won, projects completed…
      4. Communicate Changenew staff, goals, value props, locations, partners, products, services. You can even highlight things like building upgrades, new offices and training programs to communicate your growth and impact.
      5. Convince – emphasize why folks should switch to you, support your mission, attend your event, give generously, buy your product, believe what you believe, etc.
      6. Awareness+Reach –  advance brand, event and/or mission awareness
      7. Engage – poll, survey or ask questions. Run promotions, giveaways, drawings and such to solicit more engagement with your audience and glean helpful information from your fans.
      8. Thank – demonstrate gratefulness regularly by thanking donors, partners, employees, volunteers and anyone else affiliated with your organization who makes a difference.
      9. Fundraise+Call to Action – effectively fundraise and call supporters to action.

    Images + Video Boost Impact

    Combine great written content with fabulous, colorful and engaging photographs and/or video that enhances your message and watch your engagement rates soar! Learn the major influencers of what comprises top-notch visual content and then tailor posts accordingly. FB Live + stories are other examples of tools to enhance engagement. Learn more about them.

    Sweat the Small Stuff
    Titles are Key! Keep Posts SHORT

    Write titles like your (social) life depends on them. Because it does. If folks aren’t engaged by the title, they aren’t reading the rest of your piece. Period. Honor the mantra – “less is more” when composing social posts. Shorter is almost always better.  Deliberate over headings and subheadings as well. And as a rule, keep posts on the short side as well.

    When + How Often to Post

    Each media platform has best times and frequencies to post content in an effort to reach more of your followers more often. Do the research and post content accordingly. Best practices would include inputting these times into your “Content Calendar” for your social media specialist to execute.

    Remain Consistent

    Whatever you do, don’t stray. Post as faithfully as a Golden Retriever serves its family. Your readers will become accustomed to hearing from you at certain times with a rhythm that is uniquely yours. Don’t disappoint them. Plus, many of your SEO rankings are positively influenced by doing just this.

    Data Rules

    Review every post and campaign’s numbers. Learn more about what your audience likes and wants more of. Then deliver like a boss.

    Now What?

    Keep on posting away. We’ll keep on sharing the secrets of how our clients succeed with social. All you have to do is keep on reading!

    Ready to work with us to develop your social media plan?  Let’s change the world together!