Event Registration Solutions

Event Registration Solutions

It’s OFFICIAL! You’ve asked for it for years. We’ve added registration to our extensive list of service offerings and we could not be more excited about it.

Registration is critically important to the success of your fundraiser. It’s both the very first (check-in) and very last (check-out) thing your guests will encounter at your event. Yet it’s often overlooked.

We offer three levels of graduated service to elevate everyone’s registration experience.

Need a little bit of help? Choose Do GOOD!

Need registration help on event day? Then Do GOOD! is the right choice for you. 

We’ll have a pre-event meeting. Bring all your questions! 

We’ll cross-check that you’ve set up your revenue streams correctly to ensure more accurate data entry on the back end – saving you time and headaches.

We’ll also debrief with you post-event. We like to help you refine every event experience. Every time!

At the event itself, we’ll bring all necessary hardware and equipment – laptops, credit card swipers and all the doodads to make registration run smoothly. 

We’ll also provide three pros to work alongside your team + additional volunteers: Your lead Registration Concierge, their Registration Assistant and a Tech Assistant. We’ll greet all of your guests with a smile, guide them to where they need to be and check them in and out seamlessly. If your donor database is missing any event day info, we’ll do our best to fill in the blanks.

Sales data entry? Check! This includes not only live auction packages, but also all gifts collected during your special appeal and most other revenue streams. We’ll also train your registration volunteers ensuring flawless check-in with zero long lines!

Need more support? Select Do BETTER!

Hooray – you want to Do BETTER! This option offers EVERYTHING in the aforementioned paragraph, and MUCH more. 

You’ll have two consultation meetings with our registration team before the event to set you up for ultimate success and one post-event debrief to determine how best to refine the experience for everyone involved. 

We’ll create and launch your event website for you – with your guidance. We do ask that you review everything before it goes live, in case you want any changes. Your administrative coordinator will solicit, gather and organize all required assets needed for your site: Logos, brand books, images, videos, etc.

We’ll handle the back-end data entry for your live auction, special appeal, and most additional revenue streams like raffles, drawings and games. We’ll also update email templates, making it a breeze for you to push communications to guests.

Your Do BETTER! Registration Solution also offers batch credit card processing. Once you’ve double-checked all of the revenue entries from the event, and provided written authorization, we’ll take care of the rest.

Finally, your Registration Concierge will respond to any and all questions you may have throughout the process. Rest assured, service is our signature. You’re in great hands. 

Not sure how to do ANY of this? Do BEST! is for you!

So you’ve decided to Do BEST! Bravo. Go ahead and put your feet up because we’ll do pretty much EVERYTHING for you. You won’t even need to mobilize a volunteer workforce! 

You get everything listed in the Do GOOD! and Do BETTER! Solutions. Plus, a professional registration assistant for each one of your registration terminals. (The total number of terminals depends on how many guests you expect.) This frees up any volunteers you do have to assist you in ALL the other ways.  We can’t wait to help ease your fundraising event burden while improving donors’ experience. Reach out to see if we support your registration platform, so you too can take full advantage of our robust event registration solutions!