BodyVox: The Glow Ball

Here’s proof that a well-executed fundraising event theme pays off, and pays off big!

We are so impressed with BodyVox—the nonprofit KILLED it with their fabulous Glow Ball fundraiser! We are proud to have helped increase revenue by a whopping 62% over the previous year (without our help). 

The folks at BodyVox – an award-winning performing arts group that combine dance, theater and film into breathtaking performances – went all out with their theme. In addition to providing a “charging station,” where guests could pick a glowing piece of flair to complete their illuminating looks, their dance troupe performed interpretive dances to describe live auction items – marrying mission, theme and funds. We loved seeing them dance to Weird Al Yankovic’s “Eat It” prior to selling a foodie package. Brilliant AND memorable! Great job BodyVox.

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