7 Marketing Pillars for Virtual + Hybrid Fundraising Events 

7 Marketing Pillars for Fundraising Events 

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One thing that hasn’t changed in the world of virtual and hybrid events is the importance of marketing. It has a tremendous impact on the success of your event – perhaps even more so in the virtual world, where you’re not limited by geography. So let’s review the most effective and efficient ways to market your virtual event. Your goal – as with any event, be it virtual, in-person, or hybrid (a combo of the two) – is to get the right people in the right place at the right time, thus maximizing giving!  

1. Your Website

In the weeks leading up to your event, dedicate your landing page to your event or at the very least, devise a popup alert. For now, it’s your top story, so it’s the first thing people should see when they’re visiting your website. Make it easy for folks to quickly glean key information about your event. Include the event URL on ALL communications you send to donors, leading up to it. Make registration a breeze, as well. Include the registration link for your virtual or hybrid fusion event. Your mobile bidding software company should have a link you can include, that’ll make it quick and easy for your guests to register prior to the event.

2. Social Media

In the era of virtual everything, social media are becoming even more powerful and important. Use these FREE tools at your disposal. Use your social platforms to educate people about what your org does for its community, which will organically lead to more engagement. Use the weeks leading up to your hybrid fusion event to include its salient details in ALL of your posts. Encourage your donors, supporters and fans to like and share the posts pertaining to your event, thus drumming up more excitement. You’ll reap the benefits and it won’t cost you anything, except a little time!

3. Email Blasts

Email all of your supporters about your upcoming virtual or hybrid fusion event. Repeatedly. Include details about the spectacular auction items that will be available for your guests’ bidding pleasure. Shine a spotlight on the special people in your org and the fantastic, life-changing work they do. Advertise the date of your livestream. Make sure the folks who love and support you know everything there is to know about your upcoming hybrid fusion event.

4. Save the Dates

Let your supporters know as soon as you’ve solidified the date of your hybrid fusion event, so they can get it on their calendars. You can email save-the-date notifications and/or send them via snail mail. Don’t forget to post these notifications in a prominent place on your website and social media platforms.

5. Invitations

Consider sending both digital AND paper invitations. Include keywords in the invite such as “hybrid fusion fundraiser, auction and benefit.” Coordinate colors and themes with your specific org needs. Donors need to know that this is first and foremost a fundraising event – using an auction – to benefit your organization.

6. Word of Mouth

Don’t underestimate the power of verbal recommendations from your loyal supporters. It leads to more support from their friends and family members! Don’t be shy about asking your loyal, long-term supporters to spread the word far and wide about the great things you and your org are doing to change the world. You are doing great things, so shout it from the rooftops and ask others to do the same! It never hurts.

7.  Storytelling – One of Your Most Powerful Marketing Tools 

The effectiveness of heart-string-tugging storytelling is even more profound when you’re planning a hybrid fusion fundraising event. Consider this fact: Vulnerable people were hit disproportionately hard during the pandemic and many are still struggling. Now think about the hybrid fusion format you’re working under. Whether it’s an emotional in-person speech, or a beautifully-produced video, what ultimately moves people to action is the story.  However you choose to tell it, it is absolutely ESSENTIAL you tell it well. We can help!

We hope you’re finding yourself in the right mindset to develop a fantastic marketing plan for your upcoming virtual or hybrid fusion fundraising event. We’d love to lend an assist. Contact us and let’s schedule your free consultation today!

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