6 Reasons to Host a Hybrid Fundraising Event NOW

6 Reasons to Host a Hybrid Fundraising Event NOW

Don’t Wait. Fundraise Now!

Many nonprofits still find themselves recovering from the consequences of the ongoing pandemic. Orgs that chose not to pivot to virtual in 2020 and 2021 now find themselves in major binds, with working capital either dwindling or gone altogether. And the hits just keep coming. Even with a higher percentage of the population fully vaccinated, covid variants are threatening in-person events once again. We’re facing an uncertain future, but there are some things we can still count on. Like the effectiveness of virtual events! We remain hopeful that hybrid fundraising events – consisting of a smaller in-person crowd, combined with an online audience – will still be a viable option in the coming months and beyond. Hybrid offers something for everyone. It’s the right fit for those who ARE comfortable gathering in groups, and it’s the perfect fit for those who would prefer to stay home. The important thing is, do not wait to raise essential funds. Consider planning a hybrid fusion fundraiser or virtual event NOW! Here are six reasons why. 

1.  Fundraising Traffic Jams

Fundraising seasons are always hotbeds of event activity with multiple shindigs scheduled every Thursday, Friday and Saturday night (and growing!). Trust us – SEVERAL orgs have already selected your chosen date for their event AND they chose it months ago. Don’t add to an already overwhelmed roster of events. Take control and plan for your virtual or hybrid fusion event now instead.

2. Date + Donor Competition

Get the date on your calendar now, so your major donors can also get it on their calendars. The longer you wait to schedule, the more likely your major donors will have something else going on. What if there are 5-10 OTHER events scheduled for your preferred event date? What if donors can’t attend because they already have plans to attend a different hybrid fundraising event that night? You can kiss a huge chunk of your annual budget goodbye, if that’s the case. For many orgs, that one big night accounts for up to 70% of their annual budget. The loss of even one major donor can devastate operating budgets and the best-planned revenue strategies. 

And what if major donors DO attend your event, in lieu of a previously scheduled one? Poaching donors is never a way to win friends; nor is it a recipe for good public relations.

3.  Donor Fatigue

What’s a fundraiser’s worst nightmare? Donor fatigue – when folks are plumb tuckered out from giving and/or being asked to give. Whether it’s on a small scale (donors are still giving, but not as much) or a large scale (people stop giving altogether), you want nothing to do with it as a fundraiser! Don’t tire out your loyal supporters with too many fundraising events, whether said events are virtual or hybrid. It puts everyone in an awkward position and is best avoided. Your donors will thank you. 

4. Who knows what the future holds? 

We believe in hoping for the best while preparing for the worst around here. If Delta or other variants continue to spread, or a resurgence prompts tighter quarantine restrictions, it’ll be easier to collaborate and produce virtual events now than it would be under stricter physical distancing protocols later. With fundraising event planning, a worst-case scenario would be a prolific resurgence. In that case, even a Hybrid Fundraiser with a select number of in-person guests would likely not be possible. But a Virtual Gala will always be possible, even if strict stay-at-home orders or a full-on quarantine is in effect. Start thinking about and producing content now, for your upcoming online fundraiser, and you’ll be well on your way to fundraising success.

5.  What will the economy be like? 

One of the silver linings of this entire lousy ongoing situation we find ourselves in, is that major donors have stepped up big time. Those who can still afford to give are giving, and giving BIG. The global pandemic is to blame for the worst economic blow since the Great Depression, but some of your donors are still making money. That’s why it’s a perfect time to Go Virtual or start planning a hybrid event.

6.  Travel Plans Stymied 

Traditional in-person fundraising events generally avoid popular vacation months, because donors’ travel plans often conflict with scheduled events. But now that virtual and hybrid galas are the norm, geography has become irrelevant. Donors can tune in from anywhere, anytime! This is a game-changer, folks. And one that ultimately opens up more months of the year as viable fundraising options. This is music to our ears!

It’s still survival mode and it clearly will be for some time, so now’s the time to take serious action. Don’t scale back or stop delivering your vital services to those most in need. Don’t be forced to lay off employees or shut your doors forever. Lean on the folks who weren’t adversely impacted during the ongoing pandemic and its aftermath, by offering them an entertaining, uplifting virtual or hybrid event. We are here to help in any way. Let’s discuss your virtual fundraising options. We promise to hold your hand from start to finish, making the transition seamless. 

Let’s do this! Reach out!